Applied Informatics Research group


  The AIR group is always looking for informative seminar speakers. Academics and industry representatives with relevant expertise who are planning to visit Newcastle are encouraged to contact us to arrange an opportunity.

  Deep learning and its application on face recognition and medical image analysis

  Prof Linlin Shen
Shenzhen University, China (Lunch provided)
Monday, April 24 2017
11am to 11:30am
ICT Meeting Room (ICT3-98)
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  Selectively-Informed PSO: Network Scinece and Optimization

  Assoc. Prof. Wenbo Du
Beihang University, China
Thursday 25 Feb 2016
2 to 3 pm
ICT Meeting Room (ICT3-98)
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  Multi-Output Support Vector Regression for Time Series Prediction

  Prof. Yukun Bao
Center for Modern Information Management
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Friday 5 Feb 2016
1 to 2 pm
ICT Meeting Room (ICT3-98)
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